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Higher Education Technical Challenges Hub: Module Specification

ICT13M2 Information Systems Management

pdf version of module specification

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pdf version of module specification








Module name:

Information Systems Management

Scope and form:

Duration (weeks; Hours/week):

15 weeks, 4h/week (180 hours of workload)

Type of assessment:

Written exam. Each student is given 10 questions for free form answers, which cover all the learning outcomes of the module. The students have 60 minutes for answers. A prerequisite is a passing grade for the presentation and independent work. The presentation is oral, group-based. Each group presents in 20 minutes their IT strategy for the selected enterprise. The presentation gets passing grade, if the enterprise IT strategy is presented and discussed with other students and lecturer. The independent work is written group work. Enterprise IT strategy, documented in this work, must be introduced in the presentation for a passing grade. Each student has an individual responsibility on certain part of the work. To get a positive mark (1 or more), all the compulsory parts should be present. There is a list of typical mistakes, which’s existence in the work get the mark down. If there are not listed mistakes in the work, criteria of the mark 4 (very good) are met. Originality of the topic or viewpoint, relevance to practice bring the mark up.

Qualified Prerequisites:


General module objectives:

To give the theoretical knowledge of IT strategy.
To give the knowledge of IT strategy development methodologies.
To give knowledge of IT strategy components.
To give knowledge of software testing processes.
To the skills for the development of IT strategy.

Topics and short description:

IT governance. IT strategy. Traditional Project management as an instrument for realizing strategies – PMBOK, knowledge areas of PMBOK, other project management methodologies (PRINCE2, OPM3). Project management and software development methodologies. Management on the edge of chaos, complex adaptive systems, self-organization. Agile management, agile software development methodologies (Extreme Programming, FDD, etc). COBIT 4.1 overview, COBIT processes, COBIT related standards (BS 7799, ITIL / BS 15000, ISO/IEC 17799:2000, ISO/IEC TR 13335, ISO/IEC 15408, TickIT, NIST 800-14, COSO).
IT strategy development (SWOT and GAP analysis). IT balanced scorecard (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation balanced scorecard). IT infrastructure, IT organization. IT operations management – ITIL, BS15000, ISO 20000. IT Financial management. IT human resources. Using IT in decision support mechanisms, business intelligence, organizational learning.

Learning outcomes:




Strategic state of the enterprise and IT

Ability to specify the initial strategic state of the enterprise and IT

Students must be able to analyse the IT infastructure and business processes of the company

Strategic goals of the enterprise and IT

Ability to formulate the strategic goals of the enterprise and IT

Students must be able to develop IT strategies, using different techniques

Strategies for the achievement of strategic goals

Ability to analyze and compare different strategies for the achievement of strategic goals

Students must have an understanding about IT infrastructure, IT organization, IT operations management, IT Financial management, IT human resources

Recommended literature:

Anita Cassidy, A Practical Guide to Information Systems Strategic Planning, Second Edition, ISBN-13: 978-0849350733
Robert J. Benson, Tom Bugnitz, Bill Walton, From Business Strategy to IT Action: Right Decisions for a Better Bottom Line
Laudon, K. C., Laudon, J. P., & Brabston, M. E. (2013). Management information systems: Managing the digital firm(6th Cdn. ed.). Toronto, ON: Pearson Education Canada Inc. ISBN: 9780133259438