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Strategic ALignment of Electrical and Information Engineering in European Higher Education Institutions

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Higher Education Policy Hub: For Policy Makers


This section of the Governance/Policy Hub is aimed at providing policy makers with access to information on matters the SALEIE project considered to be important for the design, development and maintenance of Higher Education programmes in the Electrical and Information Engineering disciplines specificall with reference to programmes in the European key technical challenge areas but also with an emphasis on supporting students in study and work exchanges and students with disabilities, special needs and those with special considerations.

Dictionary of terms

In our study of the governance of Higher Education programmes and the policies that are associated with them across Europe we found considerable variability in the understanding of certain terms. We have NOT sought to attempt to produce a standardisation of terminology but we have felt the need to produce a dictionary of terms as we have used them within the project and hence in all the documents you will find on this website.


Policy Guides

Early work on the project showed that there are considerable differences in the way programmes are quality assured, in the way external evaluation of programmes is achieved; who can create new and make changes to existing academic programmes; the influence students and industry can have on the education system; considerations given to students with disabilities, special and unconventional needs; mobility and life-long learning processes; and information managament. We have created a number of guides for different countries by way of introductions to these countries - with a number of the briefing guides available in multiple languages.


Module Specification

A challenge for academics seeking to understand whether a student they are sending on an educational exchange programme or who are receiving a student from another Higher Education institution is to determine the educational alignment of the modules the student is taking to ensure they are academically prepared for the exchange and, upon return, are academically prepared to continue thie study. Tofacilitate good exchange of information the project team considered the range of Module Specification templates available and proposes a composite that includes all the key information needed to assess academic alignment. The content can be customised in layout to individual institutions format 'house style'.