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Strategic ALignment of Electrical and Information Engineering in European Higher Education Institutions

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Project Methodology


The methodology that this project will follow is to audit current practice, design new models, integrate the models into trial institutions, monitor and evaluate the trials and analyse, report and disseminate the findings.

As a first step in this project questionnaire surveys will be used for an audit of the current situation and current practices in interest areas of this project. Specifically the surveys will set out to audit:

The skills required of graduates able to help industry to respond to the current global technical challenges.

Programmes and modules that develop these key skills, the Institution offering them, their technical content and level of development.

The volume and types of learners with specific needs that are currently registered on EIE programmes across Europe.

Equal opportunities and diversity policies and practices.

The level and types of support systems in place for these students.

Policy and practices associated with programme and module specification including how well understood current specifications are to ERASMUS exchange partners and employers.

Supporting these questionnaires will be a meeting of partners' experts to decide on the appropriate questions to be asked so that the surveys generate value adding results. The surveys will be designed by the end of month 3 of the project and issued to all partners and their networks for completion by the end of month 9. A report on the analysis of the survey findings will be completed by the end of the first year, this will provide a solid foundation for the design and development of models and trials in project years 2 and 3.