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WP5 Deliverables

WP5.1 Survey of Administrative Policies and Practices in EIE

A surveys was designed to explore current administrative policies and practices across Europe. The survey can be seen here.


pdf of the deliverable

The surveys was distributed amongst project partners for their completion and by their networks to widen the picture across Europe. The questionnaire was also made public on the project website to enable any other institution who wishes to contribute to the project to do so.

The data from this survey can be downloaded as a CSV file if you wish to explore it in a different way that that reported herein. A basic analysis of the results are also available below along with our analysis, all are available below.

pdf of the deliverable   pdf of the deliverable

xls file of basic question analysis


Analysis report



A paper was produced on the results of the survey, the paper can be here.

Impact of this deliverable

1. Internally to the Project Consortium:

2. To the wider community:

The results of the surveys will inform partner institutions policy makers and, through them, the wider community, and highlight examples of best practice (see WP5.2). Visits of partners to institutions with identified best practices will be made to raise visibility and enable best practice to be spread across the project network.


pdf of the deliverable

WP5.2 Best Practice Exemplars in administrative policy

This deliverable will comprise a collation of examples of best practice in administrative policies and practices in EIE education. The output will be in the form of a series of case studies, which illustrate examples of best practice.

In seeking out examples of best practice consideration will be given to the needs of students with special needs and those studying in non-conventional ways.

The cases will be produced in English (but see deliverable WP5.3). The case studies will all be published on the public section of the project website.

The target areas for which best practice exemplars will most likely be developed can be downloaded below.


pdf of the deliverable

WP5.3 Translation of best practice case studies

Translated versions of the best practice exemplars in administrative policies and practices will all be translated into a range of European languages as considered useful by the project partners. Target languages: French, Slovakian, Slovenian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Italian, German as a minimum.



Wp5.4 Website Support Resources

A section of the project website will be dedicated to the results and outcomes of this work package. Included will be the survey report of administrative practices across Europe in respect of the design, development, delivery, assessment and review of academic. The examples of best practice will be presented as case studies and models that others can consider and adapt to their specific needs.

All the results will be published on the publicly visible area of the website.