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Strategic ALignment of Electrical and Information Engineering in European Higher Education Institutions

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WP7 Deliverables

WP7.1 Exploitation Strategy

The overall project leader with the assistance of the work package leaders will develop an exploitation strategy based on the following:

  • Promoting the adoption of project outcomes to project partners through annual meetings and communications

  • Communicating project outcomes to other European HEIs

  • Encouraging project partners to make contact with their local contacts within EIE professional accreditation bodies, Government Agencies and Industry Associations in their Region and through their personal networks

The exploitation strategy will be in the form of a report published on the project website. The project lead partner will be responsible for managing the achievement of the dissemination strategy.



WP7.2 Internal Exploitation

Partners attending project meetings will benefit from exposure to new policies, procedures and practices and from exchange of ideas and problems with other partners. These meetings will be key opportunities to exploit the findings of the project and gain information upon which changes in their host institution can be made.



WP7.3 External Exploitation

Exploitation of the outcomes of this project to non-project partners will be closely associated with the dissemination strategy in that annual newsletters and results will be communicated to all heads of EIE departments across Europe with suggestions as to how to use the findings. The examples of case studies and models will be in languages that permit easy and more widespread understanding to maximise the use of the project’s findings.

The work package leaders will help in promoting the findings of the project to their regional and national institutions. They will be required to have discussions with the professional bodies for EIE in their Region to establish opportunities for the wider exploitation of the project findings as part of the overall project exploitation strategy.